Fitness Diary #1

Fitness Diary #1

Get to know the ins and outs of my training regiment as I experiment and tweak my workouts and nutrition. Stalkers welcome.

Gluten as charged

On July 31st during a red eye flight from London I enjoyed my last cookie before carrying out my latest experiment. I was to start a Gluten Free diet that will run for about three weeks. I would then go back on Gluten and see if my energy level changes. Probably not the best time to experiment as this runs one week into the fasting period so I might end up confusing the lethargy of fasting with sensitivity to gluten.

Going gluten free never tasted so good :D
Gluten free never tasted THIS good 😀

Spiritual Push ups

During Ramadan I only have a 1-2 hour window after the taraweeh prayers to get my training in, however one cannot deny that the fasting and Ramadan duties take a toll on the body that starts showing up at the tail end of the first week. Therefore I usually use the first week to warm up each muscle set with lighter weights and then spend the rest of the month experimenting with different routines that I want to develop after Ramadan. For example if you are planning on doing p90x after Ramadan I’d recommend throwing in the plyometric work out on once a week to get your body semi-ready for what’s to come.


What is my current workout?

I’ve been lifting every other day, and the days between I do plyometric work on and off the tennis court as I am gearing up to return to competition in 2014. I keep the weights low and the rep count higher to cater to my tennis game. My goal is to stay lean, so if you want to gain more mass I suggest upping the weights and lowering the rep count. However I would suggest waiting till after Ramadan to do so. I workout after taraweeh (around 9:30) during Ramadan. Not my preferred time (I’m a morning person) but this is the best time to workout as I’ve had enough time to absorb some of the calories I consumed during futoor time.

Here is a table of this weeks activities:



Friday 12 July 2013

Chest and Triceps (+ Legs)
Saturday 13 July 2013 Plyometric training
Sunday 14 July 2013 Back and Biceps (+legs)
Monday 15 July 2013 Cardio drills
Tuesday 16 July 2013 Chest and Triceps (+legs)
Wednesday 17 July 2013 Rest
Thursday 18 July 2013

Tennis training + (Back and Biceps)

My lifting exercises 

Chest & Triceps

Jump Squat I start off with an explosive move* 3 sets of 10 reps
Workout Set 1 (weight x rep) Set 2 Set 3 Set 4
Bench Press Bar x 12 10×12 15×12 20×12
Incline Press Bar x 12 10 x 12 15 x 12 20×12
Dumbell flyes 4 x 12 6 x 12 8 x 12
Tricep Pushdown 7.5 x 12 10x 12
Front Raises 12 x (4R/4L)
Push ups 15 15 15
Abductors 15×20 20×20 25×25
Knee Press 20×20 30×20 40×20
Calf Raises 20×20 30×20 40×20
Pull ups (assisted) 30×12 30×12


Biceps & Back

Warm up 5 minute jog
Workout Set 1 (weight x rep) Set 2 Set 3
Reverse grip chin up 35 x 12 30 x 12
Lat Pull down 15 x 12 20 x 12 25 x 12
Hammer Curl 6 x 12 6 x 12 8 x 12
Preacher Curl Bar x 12 5 x 12 10 x 12
Bar Curl Bar x 12 5 x 12 10 x 12
Back Raises 12 12 12
Abductors 15×20 20×20 25×20
Knee Press 20×12 30×12 40×12
Calf Raises 20×12 30×12 40×12

As for my plyometric exercises: They include a variety of jump squats, Airborne Heinsmen, Swing kicks and jump knee tucks etc. Plyometrics is important for me as it improves my ability to run faster, jump higher, and maneuver in multidirectional sports (tennis). Its also great to strengthen my knee after going through surgery and keep me safe on the court. I’ll be running my own plyometrics course real soon however its almost filled up so email before its too late!

My tennis drills are a secret for now 😉


What are you eating?

Surprisingly my appetite never really shoots up in Ramadan. I’m usually satisfied with keeping my meals light during futoor as I have prayers and training coming up so I want to be able to move around without showing everyone what I ate, across the floor. Futoor consists of starting with a lot of water (30% raise in metabolic rate), some soup and dates. Chicken and a bit of rice. I eat twice at night, once after my workout (full meal including vegetables and fruits) and my suhoor at 3AM includes Water and Protein Shake (Whey protein + Berries + Vetal Laban) + Banana.

My workouts will be more dynamic as I experiment with workouts I want to carry out in full force after Ramadan.

Do you have any questions regarding any of my workouts/nutrition? Maybe you have questions regarding your own regiments and you are curious about tweaking your set up? If so you are more than welcome to email,tweet,kik,Instagram comment or pigeon mail me if thats your thing.

So much goodness!
So much goodness!

Whats coming?

I thank you for the questions everyone is sending forward which I answered in my protein article. I’ll continue to tackle areas that matter to YOU. Some of the topic of interest include questions on working out in ramadan, futooring the right way, information about fat, gaining muscles (using mass-gainers) and combating plateau at the gym. This week I’ll be answering more of your questions and tackle workouts in ramadan and eating the right way, amongst other fun and motivational events that have occurred during my adventures and life experiences across the globe.

Till then here is a recap of this weeks articles!

Start Here just starting your fitness journey. Start on the right track with this article

Behind the Baseline my article covering my history on the tennis courts from my first final in the United States and my battle with Chondromalacia. This was also featured on the JC’s Academy website

The Protein Article  ALL your questions about protein answered and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals

Suhoor Tips How to eat the right way to keep you charged up and ready to tackle the day with the fast ahead.

With Love,



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