Sevendust Part 1: Discovering the Field of Solitude


To celebrate Sevendust’s 10th electric record ‘Kill the Flaw’ (releasing this Friday October 2nd 2015), I am penning a three part blog series, encompassing my discovery of the band back in 2001, my relationship with their music, meeting them through a series of interactions that have spanned 15 years of brutal melody and honest lyrics.

Discovering the Field of Solitude 

Remember those CRT computer monitors. Strong enough to poke your eye out, but you were on it everyday. Back in high school you were on the computer right after school, chatting with your friends on msn or aol, slaving through an essay with only your music to keep you company. During my avid ‘study breaks’ I’d jump online looking for new music to add to my collection. I don’t remember which band I was looking up (or maybe I do but I’m to embarrassed to disclose) and as I was hovering across the ‘similar artist’ section a picture of a pale kid with a green apple on his head catches my attention. The only song you could sample was ‘Trust’ and it was lasted a mere 15 seconds but it was enough to put Lajon’s vocals front and center

“When I hold my head down to the ground and I wish you were here with me”

That was enough. That was all I needed (pun intended if you know the song). I franticly rushed on to Amazon to order Animosity. Back in the day kids, we didn’t have iTunes, and since I live on the tiny island of Bahrain, it was an antagonizing wait for the album to be shipped from the UK or US. The album stayed in my Portable CD Player for the most part until Seasons came out in 2003. Looking back I love each of their albums in their own way, but nothing will ever shake me the way Animosity did.

Every crevice on that record is etched into my mind for various reasons. Live Again was my anthem, Angel’s son was dear to both my sister and me, ever since we lost our grandmother a year later, T.O.A.B. ignited my love for double bass.  The album was so diverse and ahead of its time. If I play it today 14 years later, I still get chills.

Being a fanatic was an understatement. My email ID became (the year they formed), I wouldn’t stop talking about the band until my friends cemented it in the year book in the ’10 years later’ section. It was something about taking them around the world until they became number one. If that wasn’t enough I traversed online stores until I collected every version of every album they’ve released (Japanese, UK Imports you name it.). Seasons had a Japan exclusive track ‘Number One The Ballad’ which to me is also one of their greatest tracks so tracking these down was worth it. Now its click and it’s yours in an instant. Back in the early 2000’s you were waiting for it as bad as Eid or Christmas. There was a record store I would frequent in downtown Manama that imported new CDs (unfortunately its closed now). I remember a bunch of CD’s including Chimaira’s album arriving at the same time as Seasons, but was kept in their wrapping for a while as Seasons ran its course (enough Puns man). I remember sending a CD to DJ Krazy Kevin on our local radio station highlighting the songs with explicits so he wouldn’t play them. On one fine morning he played ‘Broken Down’ on my way to school. When I arrived I heard many kids talking about it, some loving it, but what I remember most was two girls complaining  ‘God they played Sevendust today, it was so loud’. I laughed as it was one of their most melodic singles, if only they heard something off Home!

Listening to them through headphones will always be something I hold dear to me. All of this was about to change after I found out I was going to see them live for the first time.


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