Palette Pending

When I got bronchitis in late December all I could eat was soft bread. I hardly ate, but over-carbing and some binging at the end caused a 5kg weight gain. Im down 5kg now and enjoying serious momentum. Ive been craving Pad Thai like crazy (either the one from Banana Leaf or the one we made at Bossy during Thai Nights). Ive been consistent with cutting carbs for dinner (sans Veggies, Leafy Greens). However the pings for Pad Thai was real strong. I even looked up the numbers for take out, because we didnt have any rice noodles in the kitchen to make my own. However I quickly heated left over lunches twice and enjoyed lean protein, a shake, and greens repeatedly. In the end I felt that I have control over my cravings again, felt fully satisfied with what I ate, and adequately fueled towards regaining my athleticism. Might reward myself with Pad Thai during tomorrows Brunch, but I feel strong enough to opt for a cleaner carb source. 

Don’t expect your palette to change overnight. Especially if you’ve spoilt your tastebuds rotten with unnecessary fats and sugar and salt. I know its hard. Ive gone through weight loss before, Ive experienced a spectrum of emotional eating and abstinence throughout my life (obesity,anorexia etc). You need to condition your mind more then your stomach or your muscle. There is no short cut. My biggest issue has been crippling fear ever since I had surgery and discovered my bone deformity (amongst other issues since being born three months premature) back in 2012. 

2016 will InshAllah/God-willing be the year of further reform and change within myself. 


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