Late Night Shift-ing

The first year or operating a full fledged restaruant (having no prior expertise in such thing) has been the most exeushiating and exilirating experience I’ve ever experince (ohh look a juxtapusition, cliche much?). Hey will you let me get on with my blog please?! (Okay fine, you may proceed). Thank you Brackets Mo. ( Your welcome buddy). 
Okay now that we have finally discussed the elephant in the room (Brackets Mo) we may continue this article after a word from our sponsers. 
“Jason Durulo” – Jason Durolo 
(Thats actually two words, and we arn’t sponsored by Mr.Durulo in any shape or form). 
Okay unecessary tangent aside, I focused so much on my entreprunerial side, I completely neglected my personal health and fitness (Blasphamy! You founded and work at a Health Urban Eatery! For shame you contradicting beard man you!) 
I used my business and Monica Belucci right knee as an excuse. (Reference to anatomic age, and NOT having hairless lady legs) (also a call back to my previous article for my previois readers – at least I know I have one from New York *shout out to COSMOS*).
During the starting months of operation, my Wife and I (even to this day sometimes) would jointly run every aspect or Bossy Kitchen. Breads first thing in oven when we wake up, Administrative side (emails, visits and meetings to government entities spanning Bahrain – Ministry of Health, EWA, LMRA, XYZ corp, Barbra Stresand), visiting the butcher, farm and all markets personally, meeting the staff, arranging the daily menu, posting on our social media feeds, turning the Xbox on for a software update then switching it off), Consolidating our accounting, prepping the food and drinks from scratch (Whatever we make from cold pressed drinks, hand rolled gnoochi, salads, mains, desserts etc. are all made to be served on the same day – whatever is not sold is shared amongst staff or given to the poor). By the time 6pm rolls over we open our doors and personally attend to and happily serve each customer with a smile on our face. Some customers stay late, and we wait for the entire store and kitchen to take its nightly shower. By this time its well passed midnight and after being unable to eat since noon sometimes even longer, Id gauge on whatever I can find! Two big mistakes here
– even though most of our foods are healthy, the time that I am eating it and the amount is certently not, especially that Ill KO the moment I reach home. Repeat this for a year and you can see the viscious cycle turn into this drastic weight gain. 
Another issue was I kept trying to fit my workouts in lik e a square where my life became a circle. By this I mean that during my fitness prime I would be at the gym in the US by 5am and in Bahrain id hit the gym or tennis court as early as 6am. Even with a corporate job in 2010/2013 I still worked out. Conference in Dubai or Chicago? Still hit the circuit before suiting up. No time zone or comittment got in my way from keeping my body impenetrable, until my Genu Valgum, Plica Syndrome and Stage 3 Chondromalacia flipped my world upside down. 
The knee deformity crippled me physically and mentally. Add the weight of the entire restaurnt on my shoulder and you wouldn’t blame my meniscus (menisci?) packing their bags and leaving me for a richer body with a Bentley made of Type 1 Cartlidge. 
I felt inadeqate to motivate which may explain my lacadasical posting rythem (lets leave this for anoter post). Its important to understand the reasons behind the nature of yor weight gain. Im not excusing myself for puttint on 25kgs (half of which might be beard weight?) but I dont fully regret dedicating my time for my business to flourish. Im now at a vital point in my life where I need to rebalance my life and reclaim my athleticism before I age with weak muscles such as my quads that are vital for comensating for the lack of cartlidge and bone deformity. I dont like to say something can ever be too late, but I am aware in my case it might actually be true.
With time and after successfully delegating and sharing responsibilities Ive happily reached at a point where I can comfortably dedicate an hour of workout in the morning and schedule my food well in advance. This may explain the consistent posting (2 blogs days apart, and daily instagram/facebook updates). This is a totally different journey then my 2008 weight loss, however I seem to have conquered the crippling mental fear of permenent injury, and also beliving that I can attain my fitness goals, and continue to motivate everybody around me.
I can say it again with confidence, from the ground up, Im taking you with me.


One Reply to “Late Night Shift-ing”

  1. Bingo! I’ve just read your article…

    You sealed my existence in your blog by mentioning my name (Cosmos.) I have to say that pleases me!
    I believe i’m not your unique reader abroad, and i’m sure we are plenty of them, but many do not leave any comment.
    I’d like to congratulate you and your wife in the accomplishment of your business (Bossy Kitchen) open a year ago. Catering, as you said, is a huge commitment. Despite this dedication, you’re back to your other goals (weight loss and fitness) which is great too!
    It took me more than six months, after my move to NY, to settle down and go back to the gym. At first, i found it hard as my body felt sore each time i was practicing. I was kind of lazy and could not set up any routine. But lately, i’ve become addicted to it again, and that feels so so good… I’m sure you know what i’m talking about!

    I wish you all the luck you deserve and better knees… (Cosmos)

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