Fitness Diary #1 Escaping Shadows

I am currently on my #Unrelenting100 day journey back to a healthy, fit and happy lifestyle that started on July 31st 2017 and will be complete by November 7th 2017. My goal is to open up about my challenges (chronic illness, weight gain etc.) and hopefully inspire you to climb your own summits. I’m committed to this, grateful for you, and support and cheer you to champion across your own journey, as well as mine. From the Ground Up. Find Daily Updates on My Instagram: Nervebullet

Weekly Fitness Diary (Posted Every Sunday) Day 1-20

Since this is my first diary post. I will be covering the events of the last three weeks! I spent almost a year in the shadows, with nothing but a handful of cryptic images on my social media feeds. However Ill reserve the dramatic story driven writing for the weekly Thursday blog posts. (Tune in Thursday Kids! Epic Open Ended Touchy Feely Adventures, only on NERVEBULLET) *cuts to laundry detergent ad* ..

What? I could only afford a 30 second slot Advert!

Upon returning from my extremely unsuccessful medical travel in early July, the concoction of disappointment and jet lag were enough to render me athletically useless and mentally shattered. Still reeling from lab-rat like experimentations, I returned home feeling far worse then before my attempt to seek professional medical assistance. Nothing helped. Everything done to me made it worse.




OK, before I was rudely interrupted by myself, I spoke about returning with the feeling of despair. I was well on my way to losing weight in April (Safely lost 10kgs) and enjoyed my return to the gym. After doctors interfered with my progress, I suffered massive flare ups, some confining me to a wheelchair. My inability to train surfaced feelings that suggested my active career has come its end.

I remember forcing myself to at least visit the gym. Even if it was to walk for a few minutes and lift a 1KG dumb bell whilst sitting. I was conflicted with feelings of both being within and out of my element. On one end I was in my zone of comfort, and on the other I felt like a stranger to my own craft and tools.

I slowly worked myself towards a routine visit to the gym, adjusted my food and found that I had gained enough ground to muster the will power to achieve something I’ve been yearning for in years. My Goal : to return to the Mohammed I was back on July 2012, before all this mess. For the first time in five years. I felt like I could finally do so.

I knew the ground rules. I needed to elevate my heart rate to reach anaerobic state, however excessive knee bending and loading/off loading would flare up my symptoms. I was inspired by Jim Stoppani’s program Shortcut to Shred in which he recommends doing 1 minute cardio moves between each set. I knew I was unable to preform his workout routine (both weights and the recommended cardio routines) so I improvised.

Trials and tribulations has forced me to become more aware of what my body can and cannot do, and I was desperate to come out of this and see results. Eventually I stopped caring about what others around me might think (Oh 1 kg – wussy weights, Oh why is he throwing a medicine ball on the ground, man he’ll never get fit – Has-been.) – The gym after all is not immune to societal judgements (Thanks Obama).

I just put on my headphones and I got on with these tiny steps that I built for myself. Funny enough. This last Friday someone walked over to me and said – “Good on you smacking the ball, man!”. After informing them it was only 1kg, they responded “yes, but look at your* repetitions, you’re* sweating, what you are* doing is probably more important then the rest who just throw around the iron.” – Man that lit me up! 20 days into my workout and someone tells me that. I was on fire for the entire weekend leading up to today. Shame it was my rest day!

*Calm down Grammar Police, My Your/You’re game is strong Kay?

My workout routine took form based on one week of trial, and two weeks of execution and adjustments

So far…..

Sunday – Chest, Triceps, Flabby Abs.

Monday Shoulder, Legs.

Tuesday Back, Biceps.

Wednesday Active Rest

Thursday Chest, Triceps, Flabby Abs.

Friday Back, Biceps. ( Week 3 started Bonus: Legs)

Saturday Active Rest.

Trial Week 1 :  15 Reps / Active Cardio between every set (air punches, medicine ball smash, silent karaoke)

Week 2 : 15 Reps / Active Cardio between every set

Week 3 : Micro-cycle 1 (sun-tue 6-11 Reps)  Micro-cycle 2 (Thu-Fri 16-20 Reps) Active Cardio between sets on some days.  20 Minutes of Bonus Brisk Walk Cardio on some days.

I hope to discuss my nutrition plan, food intake and Week 4 workouts, next week. My goal is to tighten up my food schedule with time, and eventually add other exercises (swimming, biking etc.)

As promised, this is a transparent display of my mental and physical state. I will openly discuss what worked and didn’t work for me. My hope is for you to use my experience as a springboard to experiment and adjust towards what will work for you (hey it might not even be fitness related). Fitness, Nutrition and Life is never one size fits all. Apply, Adapt and Attain. 

Until Next Week…

From The Ground Up,


Thank YOU for reading this. I understand your time is precious and I respect that. I am grateful that you have taken the time to read my work. Please do reach out to me and engage in my content (leave a comment below, on any of my social media feeds or email). Let me cheer you on your personal journey. Let me know what content you would like to see from me. With Love.

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  1. Dude !!

    First of all, how much do you charge for advertising within your blog

    Secondly , man I learned few things while reading this , one is to never joke about your grammar lol.

    But man you are defiantly one of the strongest people I know. I’ll be following your blog buddy.

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