Fitness Diary #2 Cold Shoulder

I am currently on my #Unrelenting100 day journey back to a healthy, fit and happy lifestyle that started on July 31st 2017 and will be complete by November 7th 2017. My goal is to open up about my challenges (chronic illness, weight gain etc.) and hopefully inspire you to climb your own summits. I’m committed to this, grateful for you, and support and cheer you to champion across your own journey, as well as mine. From the Ground Up. Find Daily Updates on My Instagram: Nervebullet

Weekly Fitness Diary (Posted Every Sunday) Day 21-28


Sunday Chest, Triceps, Abs

Monday Legs & Shoulder

Tuesday Back & Biceps Cardio

Wednesday Active Rest

Thursday Chest Triceps, Abs Cardio

Friday Back & Biceps Legs

Saturday Active Rest

(Dang Mo whats with all the crossing out, you pulling a fast one on us or what?)*

*First off parenthesis/brackets Mo , why are you always hating on me?

(Dang man, way to call me out like that. Technically we are the same person, I’m doing it out of love. Toughening you up and what not. *under breath* wuss.)

Inner Monologue aside, its been a tumultuous week (kind of like brackets Mo (woah! did you just use a bracket to diss me at my own game)) #bracketception. Last weeks posting was a clear indicator that I finished the week strong, however I started to feel my shoulder nag over the weekend. The impenged feeling didn’t settle and I was cautious during Sunday’s workout. At that time I even opted out of doing my Inclince Dumbell Press and used the time to stretch out and let the Tricep workouts take the brunt of it.

Whilst waiting for the Xbox One X Preorders to go live during Gamescom I decided to get a massage to help alleviate the pain. Unfortunately I was under what seemed to be unqualified hands (Won’t be going there again!). I realized that the masseuse was not well versed, as they tried to pull my arm out of its socket!! I stopped him after I realized what he was attempting however it was too late. From the onset instead of pressing the knots in the back he went from the front using his elbow which caused my bursitis to flare up severely overnight. The burning sensation is still with me as I write this post almost a week later. I did seek medical attention, however chose medication and rest over getting a cortisone shot. It was very aggravating to keep away from weight training, as I was just getting into my groove but it didn’t stop me from getting my work outs in, by letting Cardio substitute the vacancies. Its funny how I expected my knees to be the first major flare up due to my condition but ended up with the shoulder throwing a tantrum first. I havn’t figured out what I’d do if both extremities protest at the same time!

I started to slowly reincorporate meal prepping to make sure that my nutrition amplifies my fitness results. If you follow my Instagram you will know I’ve had plenty of Chicken Breast, Rice and Tabouli! By keeping it simple I am able to ensure that its easy to prepare and eat (no need to reinvent the wheel).

I’m thinking of using a food tracking app (myfitnesspal) and carb cycling starting this week. Lets see what happens!

As promised, this is a transparent display of my mental and physical state. I will openly discuss what worked and didn’t work for me. My hope is for you to use my experience as a springboard to experiment and adjust towards what will work for you (hey it might not even be fitness related). Fitness, Nutrition and Life is never one size fits all. Apply, Adapt and Attain. 

Until Next Week…
From The Ground Up,

Thank YOU for reading this. I understand your time is precious and I respect that. I am grateful that you have taken the time to read my work. Please do reach out to me and engage in my content (leave a comment below, on any of my social media feeds or email). Let me cheer you on your personal journey. Let me know what content you would like to see from me. With Love.

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