Part 3: I am The End

I AM TRILOGY. Part 3: I am the End (Released September 24th 2017 7:35pm)**

Part 2: I am the ****** (To be Released October 1st 2017 7:34pm) 

Part 1: I am the ************* (To be Released October 8th 2017 7:33pm)

Some Assembly Required*

*Batteries Not Included

**Prior Knowledge of Reverse Engineering Recommended for first time users.

The following piece is a form of fiction. or at least you want it to be. The abstract nature can appeal to either wolf. Lack of appeal can be an indicator of which wolf the reader is, or perceives themselves to be. 

Warning: The following excerpt contains Graphic Nature and my not be suitable for some readers. Not recommended to those that suffer from Ignorance. Please proceed with caution.

His Lips were caked.

Mr. Nerve. You have 10 minutes. No drugs will be administered during this session. We will make sure you feel every neuron firing within you. Please speak clearly. For your sake. 

Toxicology report shows positive traces of Gabapentin, ingested to control heart palpitations. Subject is male, early thirties, and of middle eastern decent. No prior history of heart issues.

“Have you heard about the analogy of the two wolves.”

“Server Error 082712 Rebooting”

“…. of which the outcome is determined by which of them you feed”

“Mr.Nerve Please do not waste my time”

His Lips were caked with saliva,(part of the text is missing)

As you wish. Can someone kindly bring in a wet pen. Mr.Nerve enough requests and begin writing. You have 8 minutes remaining.

“Doubt entered the room. Well dressed and eloquent you have (excuse the pun) no reason to doubt it. Enough manners to make the glass on your dinner table shine for weeks, and with the backing of every financial institution, governmental entity and corporate and marketing firm, you have no choice but to spend all the money you don’t have on the immortal recipe of ignorantly fortefied fear, after all. It now comes in gluten free and vegan options. ”

“Which of the two wolves do you consider yourself, Mr.Nerve”

The patient / victim (patient victim) was pronounced dead on the scene (DNR records appear in his file. Wounds do not appear to be self-inflected.) Bruising is present on his left arm. No signs of entry (forced) or struggle (the s is silent). 

His Lips were caked with saliva,blood (his own), (part of the text is missing)

“Fear, the abandoned father. *spits out blood (his own)*
You see. those reading this are so accustomed to visual and instant gratification. They need to see the wolf, to know which one I am. They need to witness with their very own eyes.

“Do not take me for an imbecile,Get to the point Mr.Nerve”

As I was saying. Fear is the gun held against my head from the very first sentence. The abandoned father doesn’t say much. However, the five sentences you hear over the course of thirty years carry with it a lifetime supply of pain and suffering that you can relive in your mind for the remainder of your life, regardless of which wolf you choose.

“Mr Nerve, you have three minutes. You are testing my patience”

He was going to hurt me no matter what I said, no matter which wolf I choose. The inevitable is coming. My muscles will retract. Adrenaline will attempt to slight the odds. But I will feel it. Every single fraction of it.

He didn’t need enough momentum to puncture through my skin. In fact, he didn’t just puncture it. Enough pressure was used to slowly dig into my lower thigh. He raised his arm three times. 

I was awake. Every second of it. I didn’t pass out. Every time he raised his hands, the crowbar drew redder. I’ve only seen my cartilage on medical scans prior, but there it was now on public display, latched on to that very crowbar. The crowbar that didn’t stop digging until it reached bone. The second drop was enough to break my femur. On the third the crowbar skidded towards my patella.

Audience  Highlight <<<

More we want more.

We paid to be gratified instantly, 

not this budget attempt at instant gratification. 

Viewership (can you watch words?) dropped

Mr.Nerve Highlight <<<<

You wouldn’t know you barely watch your own (sic) words. 


His Lips were caked with saliva, blood (his own) and dirt…

A concoction that would make masochistic perfumist swoon. This paled in comparison to the impaled disaster below.

a) Faith and Science are not the two wolves. 






They are not binary terms. Grey Matter is present. 






b) Doubt and Fear are not the two wolves.

Can’t you see somethings changed?

What a joke.

Fear is commonplace.

Desensitization is no longer an anomaly.

We are not impressed with the low budget grotesque attempt to generate appeal.

We hate you,

we are afraid of you.

But watching you suffer wasn’t good enough.

(are you holier then thou or too rich for my blood?)

Congratulations! your sacrifice is accepted, Submission is now complete!

Messenger 3.0 is no longer live. Please reformat and update file to continue.

No revision necessary.

No purchase necessary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance

This does not answer my question.

One of our operators will be with you. Please hold (current wait time 58 Minutes. You are 76th in line)

This does not answer my question.

Thank you for contacting us. Please rate our services from 1-10. (Ascending or Descending order of happiness. Choice is yours)

Heart palpitating

Palpitating Heart

One of our representatives will be with you shortly.

He overcame it. He overcame it. You don’t understand, he actually over came it. 

Who needs the devil when you’ve got the details.


Skin & Atmosphere

Mind the gap / Gap the Mind.  (Please answer true or false)






Again, are you holier then thou or too rich for my blood?

Victimized opportunity, or opportunistic victim. 

The wounds are too profound to lick. Amputation is necessary to save the patient‘s wolf’s life.

Grey Matter is present. God willing. (No/Vital Signs)

Update Coming Spring 2018.*

Time of Death / Still Breathing.**

c) How fortunate are we, the Human Spirit is not made of skin or bone.


4 Replies to “Part 3: I am The End”

  1. I’ve never actually read anything like this, I actually read the post twice! I can’t imagine how much effort you put in writing this … love your passion for writing … it truly shows in every single word.

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