Part 2: I am the threat

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The final Part of the Trilogy will conclude on October 8th 2017 7:33PM (Part 1: I am the *************.)


Exhibit M.

On the front.

Torn Page found in victims left pocket. Folded. Ink marks and untested red stain on bottom right corner. Image is of a f01010101010100101000000111010101010101001010101010 (Unable to Format Text. Please Contact Admin.) Top Right corner shows the number 02/. What is assumed to be a date is missing.

On the back. 

“My Eternal Love, Merissa, May we dance forever where no one can stop us.” written in blue ink. Hand writing is rushed when compared to the front, but both appear to be written by the same person. 

The name ‘Merissa’ has thumb smudges in what appears to be an attempt at erasing the name’

Stress (Hairline) Fracture. written by Sir Pent. 

The thread grew darker against my skin. Thoughts remain a fracture.
Every memory, every bitter memory grows not in the dirt.
Roots impaled, banished from the sun.
Shadows harass the veins.
Mechanical breathing, Inhale the fragile air.
Glass and blood combine once you reach the surface.
Engulfed by smoke, hope slithers across.
Deformed puzzle pieces held in shaking hands
Melted together, offer the incomplete image.
Torn, Stapled and Colored in,
Distorted knees beg for ground that is solid.
Plastic Martyrs desensitized the cause.
Them, Us. Cull all but you. 
Truth exiled, without refuge. 
The thread grew darker against my skin,
a blade, that offers me shelter.

Page 7 of 71 (Book of Golden Bones by B.Nerve)

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