The reverse conclusion to my three part I AM series. Enjoy. 

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Part 3: I am The End

Part 2: I am the threat

Welcome to Part 1: I Am the Wake. 

I wonder if they will tell my story backwards?

Will they tear out a page from my book and use it out of context?

We will keep your tongue, but will break your knees.

You only have your mouth to run with, but you won’t get very far. 

One page will suffice for the masses to trample on.

Your words will mix with the dirt off their boots and fade in the chaos. 

Timed Capsule Release : Feel Relief despair within 10 Minutes

Will you claim no priors to my name?

Will you drain me of my heritage, and shade me into your perfect mannequin?

Please have a seat, we won’t take too long. 10 minutes shall suffice. 

Generational Bruising from falling on deaf ears.

Kindly, Tie your laces so you don’t trip.

Lace your ties, the black venomous honey gently drips

Will you keep what remains and burn the nest

Will you disrupt the wake, and curb the rest

My hands may be tied, but it is yours that are broken

Contort me into a villain with words I’ve never spoken

Inject me with ill intent, Shade in the grey sheep into a dark wolf.

They will know you. I am the crow to the left of a murder.

You are merely a crow. We are merely bound by feathers.

They will…


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