Sevendust ‘All I See Is War’

Sevendust – All I See Is War comes out May 11th 2018 on Rise Records

It is a rarity for any band to mark 20+ years in the music industry, release close to a dozen records and yet are able to maintain their fire power of ferocious melody through out.

When the rough terrain of the music business causes bands to fall out, change line ups or fizzle out, Sevendust remain forever united. LJ,Morgan, John, Clint & Vinnie are still together after all these years.

The band has had a very unique career; by keeping it in house with their own record Company (7 Bros. Records) after the early years with TVT and Winedark Records, having self produced since 2010, and no official music videos for the past 8 years!. Unorthodox journey aside, as such many reviews, interviews and online articles will  echo the following sentiments; The band has long paid their dues, their energetic live shows will destroy you (in a good way), and as much as they are Metal Titans, they remain humble towards fans that they treat as friends. What I respect most about the bands, is they are all family men, and always display a clear understanding of their values, faith and still promote unity at such volatile times.

In all honesty, as much as the band is dear to me personally, a few factors going in to the new album got me worried. John Connolly had just released a very ambitious Double Album (Projected – Ignite My Insanity) so I was worried of him being creatively burned out. Second, Michael ‘Elvis’ Baskette was producing. I was egger for a fresh set of ears to take on a Sevendust Record, however I was not keen with the mixing of the last Alter Bridge album (Although I loved his previous producing efforts with Alter Bridge, Tremonti, and Trivium to name a few). The band remained silent during the recording process. Hardly any teasers, no making of videos on youtube. The band hasn’t failed me for 11 studio albums (If you include Time Travelers & Bonfires), would they hit it out of the park again on ‘All I See is War’?

Fast Forward and Sevendust debut the Single Dirty alongside a wickedly futuristic music video, slapping me hard in the face and destroying the shred of worry I had inside me. As the camera pans around the band, they shred and harmonize together (Every band member was singing too). Don’t ask me, The 2 million + youtube viewers and endless positive comments should be evident on how much drive this song contains. In such short time ‘Dirty’ hit the summit as my #1 most played on my apple music. The intro still sends chills down my spine because I know what I’ve gotten myself into! Although LJ’s vocals remain a centerpiece, I have deeply enjoyed John’s development as a vocalist and the man is sonic both on this record and live.

With a surprise announcement being signed to Rise Records, new interviews show every band member reinvigorated, as if the cycle is starting over again and we are rediscovering the band for the very first time. Each record for me contains so many memories over the past 20+ years with every life event and milestone I have crossed. This band has been there for me during both bitter and sweet times.

What has changed now? for starters Rise Records. Two Music Videos, three singles, and the album isn’t even out yet! With the backing of an ultimate new label, the band has finally issued Merch Bundles and Vinyls too! With the new signing I rememeber Clint tweeting something along the lines of ‘I feel that its a little different this time like we have something to prove’. That sentence stuck with me for almost five months until the single was officially released.

I was fortunate to get the album early, however I still kept half of the record for the official release date. Based on what I’ve heard so far, I am excited to see that this has shaped up to be somewhat of a concept album. Although the references to the issues we face today as a global society are dark and unsettling, the lyrical content and harmonies still interplay to provide cathartic hope, alongside the brutally tight drumming, weight bearing distortion and crushing solos of course.

Both Singles ‘Not Original’ and ‘Medicated’ bring the hooks like calculated boxer pouncing at just the right time. This is a very consistent album so far, however the catchiness of the track ‘Sickness’ is on another level. If their 2015 single ‘Thank You’ deservingly got them their first Grammy Nomination for Metal Song of the Year, the tracks ‘Sickness’, ‘Life Deceives you’ or ‘Dirty’ should get them both a 2018 Nomination and a Grammy WIN.

I think ‘Life Deceives you’  just might dethrone ‘Trust’ for me as the best song they have ever written. Lyrically it speaks to me as a spiritual successor to the track ‘Damaged’ from 2001’s Ultimate Album ‘Animosity’. The song affected me emotionally and to my very core. I could not find it in me to shake it away and carried the feeling with me long after repeated lessons. The contemplative nature of the lyrics, the juxtaposition of Morgan & LJ, the inclusion of Piano speaks volumes to my soul. The ending harmonization is icing on the cake for me. I didn’t think the band could take ‘Letters’ from their 2015 Album ‘Kill the Flaw’ and throttle the emotions even more.

Parts of the song ‘Moment’s reminds me of Clint & Morgan’s Side Project ‘Call me No One’ (2012).

Thoughts on the remaining tracks of the Album that I haven’t listened to yet (I’m keeping until Friday): Other reviews suggest that Risen, Cheers and a few other tracks are on the heavier side, so I am looking forward to taking them with me into the gym this Friday to celebrate the official album release. Part of me wonders if album closer ‘The Truth’ will be a brutal finish like ‘Face to Face’ and ‘Alpha’ were to previous early records perhaps? I would love to see a long track similar to ‘Burn’ from Alpha.

So far I don’t mind that it isn’t as heavy (yet), as the trademark Sing-A-Long with Sevendust is still intact for me.Hey, if you want to call Sevendust, the backstreet boys of metal, or Disney anthems for adults go right ahead, the band brings the hooks like nothing else. You will Sing your lungs out to this record!

Six Tracks in so far this is Sevendust’s Mangum Opus. 10/10 material  and i’m only half way through.

I dont like ranking albums but melodically speaking this is giving Animosity/Seasons (2001/2003) a run for their money.

LJ, Morgan, John, Clint & Vinnie, thanks for treating me like family for all these years. . Congratulations on the new signing, new record and tour. Hope to see you guys again in 2019.

Update: I’ve spent almost a week with the new album. 10/10. Might be the most consistent and mature record of their career. Harmonious Anthems from start to finish. My Favorite Tracks: Descend, Life Deceives You, Sickness, Risen.. if i dont stop ill end up listening the entire album. 

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Nervebullet: A Journey of Fitness, Gratitude & Recovery

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LINEAGE (2008-2017)

The disastrous summer of 2017 was spent hospitalized, handing over the final shred of hope to doctors that only ended up to exasperate the problem. I returned home feeling wounded, damaged and for the first time ever, completely depleted of any faith in returning to a fitness lifestyle and tennis in any form whatsoever. For some reason I decided to come forward and publicly display my vulnerable condition, and challenge myself to at least restore a basic workout routine and overcome what I could within 100 days. Did I achieve this. You bet your sweet ass I did.

2018 brings forth a new era of fitness for me personally and before I move forward I would like to briefly dissect two periods of my fitness life.


During high school I went through a period of Mild Anorexia, which transformed into overeating and becoming overweight. During my sophomore year at college I remember the exact moment I reached out to one of my professors who set a meeting with the head of the university gym. I knew nothing about muscle group, workouts etc. (THE SHOCK AND HORROR! NB DO WE EVEN REALLY KNOW YOU?!). The Head Coach kindly spent 30 minutes taking me through a basic workout routine and gave me a sheet of paper to track my progress. My best friend, and I ended up buying mountain bikes during the spring and discovered trekking areas we attempted bright and early after morning prayers, hours before class would even start. One day we ended up playing tennis right by the forest entrance to mix things up. Again, I knew nothing about scoring or what a backhand was etc. (NB…. WHO ARE YOU?). That Summer, The Head Coach saw my progress and awarded me Lehigh Athlete of the Week. My prize was a t-shirt, but boy did I feel like a million bucks. After a Bike and Tennis session with my friend, we headed home to get our weekend Pizza treat and turned on the TV to find the US Tennis Open with a bald athlete with a headband and sleeveless tennis shirt on. The commentator mentioned the calamities that this player had to defy to even make it into basic high school tennis, and after a freak accident he is now back on tour again. His name is James Blake, and anyone knows any information about my Tennis, know how he was pivotal in me pushing myself towards Semi-Professional Tennis Competition.

I continued to challenge my body by getting deeper into Strength Training, Boot Camp Work, Competitive Tennis, Mountain Biking, Road Biking. Long before the P90X Craze, Ironman Triathlons and the Opportunities that Social Media presented for Fitness Individuals I drove towards 14% Body Fat, and secured Two Championships in an undefeated run from December 2011 towards June 2012 where I became the first JC’s Academy League Champion. This was not an overnight success, as I endured crushing loses in the 2009 and 2010 Lehigh Finals in the United States, and FCTG 2010 Final. (Ask my sister and motivational coach, who had to deal with my tears!). In the Summer of 2012 I hit my prime, and was about to break out towards competing in Queens, England and Dubai. This was also the moment, where EVERYTHING CHANGED.


Career-wise I was reaping the rewards of a surging Fiber Optics/ Data Management company that spanned across the Arabian Gulf, alongside establishing an award-winning entrepreneurship endeavor, and taking on various Real Estate Construction Projects. I was also revoked my bachelor status (Sorry Ladies, She’s really good with knives.). Physically? I was misdiagnosed and we now know that a surgical mishap occurred which gave me Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. (Pain all the time, Root Cause untraceable, If it flares up I can’t use the stairs, drive, you get the picture).

Chronic Pain is a cancerous feeling that infected me mentally, beyond the crippling physical agony that I endured on a daily basis. Four months of continuous effort and adjustments were made to rediscover my body bio-mechanically and finally being in the rightful hands of a genuine physiotherapist that understands my condition. I went through the motions with various dieting routines, carb cycling, intermittent fasting, binge eating etc. My main priority shifted from wanting to lose weight to truly becoming functional again. Full disclosure I did gain weight during this time period, but after 5 years of agony, Hot Dang, I became functional again! (if you see me in person ask nicely and i’ll let you touch my Glutes of Steel).

I never thought I would be able to comfortably squat, dead lift or perform demanding exercises or even come back to tennis ever again. Here I am making Kim Kardashian proud (MALE GLUTES MATTER). During the four months my narrative changed. I stopped talking about flare ups (even though they still do occur), but focused on Gratitude & Recovery. Guess what. It freakin’ works!


I deleted every post from my Instagram to start this new Era. Please understand that I hope to provide Positive Content that can be applicable to anyone that wants to stay driven and make beneficial changes towards scaling their own personal summit. I may not know you, but I am seriously rooting for you with all my lungs! GO YOU.

I’ve written some really awesome goals for this year. I’d list them, but Id much rather show you. Write some yourself, and don’t let anybody discourage or sway you from your dreams. GO YOU.

Im grateful for you, and I hope that I can drive you to push yourself in whatever your heart of hearts desires.

Nervebullet Powered by Kind Words & Protein Pancakes.

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The reverse conclusion to my three part I AM series. Enjoy. 

Previous posts…

Part 3: I am The End

Part 2: I am the threat

Welcome to Part 1: I Am the Wake. 

I wonder if they will tell my story backwards?

Will they tear out a page from my book and use it out of context?

We will keep your tongue, but will break your knees.

You only have your mouth to run with, but you won’t get very far. 

One page will suffice for the masses to trample on.

Your words will mix with the dirt off their boots and fade in the chaos. 

Timed Capsule Release : Feel Relief despair within 10 Minutes

Will you claim no priors to my name?

Will you drain me of my heritage, and shade me into your perfect mannequin?

Please have a seat, we won’t take too long. 10 minutes shall suffice. 

Generational Bruising from falling on deaf ears.

Kindly, Tie your laces so you don’t trip.

Lace your ties, the black venomous honey gently drips

Will you keep what remains and burn the nest

Will you disrupt the wake, and curb the rest

My hands may be tied, but it is yours that are broken

Contort me into a villain with words I’ve never spoken

Inject me with ill intent, Shade in the grey sheep into a dark wolf.

They will know you. I am the crow to the left of a murder.

You are merely a crow. We are merely bound by feathers.

They will…


Part 2: I am the threat

Please Click here for Part 3: I am the End

The final Part of the Trilogy will conclude on October 8th 2017 7:33PM (Part 1: I am the *************.)


Exhibit M.

On the front.

Torn Page found in victims left pocket. Folded. Ink marks and untested red stain on bottom right corner. Image is of a f01010101010100101000000111010101010101001010101010 (Unable to Format Text. Please Contact Admin.) Top Right corner shows the number 02/. What is assumed to be a date is missing.

On the back. 

“My Eternal Love, Merissa, May we dance forever where no one can stop us.” written in blue ink. Hand writing is rushed when compared to the front, but both appear to be written by the same person. 

The name ‘Merissa’ has thumb smudges in what appears to be an attempt at erasing the name’

Stress (Hairline) Fracture. written by Sir Pent. 

The thread grew darker against my skin. Thoughts remain a fracture.
Every memory, every bitter memory grows not in the dirt.
Roots impaled, banished from the sun.
Shadows harass the veins.
Mechanical breathing, Inhale the fragile air.
Glass and blood combine once you reach the surface.
Engulfed by smoke, hope slithers across.
Deformed puzzle pieces held in shaking hands
Melted together, offer the incomplete image.
Torn, Stapled and Colored in,
Distorted knees beg for ground that is solid.
Plastic Martyrs desensitized the cause.
Them, Us. Cull all but you. 
Truth exiled, without refuge. 
The thread grew darker against my skin,
a blade, that offers me shelter.

Page 7 of 71 (Book of Golden Bones by B.Nerve)

-interlude / signal interrupted / Error 404-

Now loading…. Please wait.






Part 3: I am The End

I AM TRILOGY. Part 3: I am the End (Released September 24th 2017 7:35pm)**

Part 2: I am the ****** (To be Released October 1st 2017 7:34pm) 

Part 1: I am the ************* (To be Released October 8th 2017 7:33pm)

Some Assembly Required*

*Batteries Not Included

**Prior Knowledge of Reverse Engineering Recommended for first time users.

The following piece is a form of fiction. or at least you want it to be. The abstract nature can appeal to either wolf. Lack of appeal can be an indicator of which wolf the reader is, or perceives themselves to be. 

Warning: The following excerpt contains Graphic Nature and my not be suitable for some readers. Not recommended to those that suffer from Ignorance. Please proceed with caution.

His Lips were caked.

Mr. Nerve. You have 10 minutes. No drugs will be administered during this session. We will make sure you feel every neuron firing within you. Please speak clearly. For your sake. 

Toxicology report shows positive traces of Gabapentin, ingested to control heart palpitations. Subject is male, early thirties, and of middle eastern decent. No prior history of heart issues.

“Have you heard about the analogy of the two wolves.”

“Server Error 082712 Rebooting”

“…. of which the outcome is determined by which of them you feed”

“Mr.Nerve Please do not waste my time”

His Lips were caked with saliva,(part of the text is missing)

As you wish. Can someone kindly bring in a wet pen. Mr.Nerve enough requests and begin writing. You have 8 minutes remaining.

“Doubt entered the room. Well dressed and eloquent you have (excuse the pun) no reason to doubt it. Enough manners to make the glass on your dinner table shine for weeks, and with the backing of every financial institution, governmental entity and corporate and marketing firm, you have no choice but to spend all the money you don’t have on the immortal recipe of ignorantly fortefied fear, after all. It now comes in gluten free and vegan options. ”

“Which of the two wolves do you consider yourself, Mr.Nerve”

The patient / victim (patient victim) was pronounced dead on the scene (DNR records appear in his file. Wounds do not appear to be self-inflected.) Bruising is present on his left arm. No signs of entry (forced) or struggle (the s is silent). 

His Lips were caked with saliva,blood (his own), (part of the text is missing)

“Fear, the abandoned father. *spits out blood (his own)*
You see. those reading this are so accustomed to visual and instant gratification. They need to see the wolf, to know which one I am. They need to witness with their very own eyes.

“Do not take me for an imbecile,Get to the point Mr.Nerve”

As I was saying. Fear is the gun held against my head from the very first sentence. The abandoned father doesn’t say much. However, the five sentences you hear over the course of thirty years carry with it a lifetime supply of pain and suffering that you can relive in your mind for the remainder of your life, regardless of which wolf you choose.

“Mr Nerve, you have three minutes. You are testing my patience”

He was going to hurt me no matter what I said, no matter which wolf I choose. The inevitable is coming. My muscles will retract. Adrenaline will attempt to slight the odds. But I will feel it. Every single fraction of it.

He didn’t need enough momentum to puncture through my skin. In fact, he didn’t just puncture it. Enough pressure was used to slowly dig into my lower thigh. He raised his arm three times. 

I was awake. Every second of it. I didn’t pass out. Every time he raised his hands, the crowbar drew redder. I’ve only seen my cartilage on medical scans prior, but there it was now on public display, latched on to that very crowbar. The crowbar that didn’t stop digging until it reached bone. The second drop was enough to break my femur. On the third the crowbar skidded towards my patella.

Audience  Highlight <<<

More we want more.

We paid to be gratified instantly, 

not this budget attempt at instant gratification. 

Viewership (can you watch words?) dropped

Mr.Nerve Highlight <<<<

You wouldn’t know you barely watch your own (sic) words. 


His Lips were caked with saliva, blood (his own) and dirt…

A concoction that would make masochistic perfumist swoon. This paled in comparison to the impaled disaster below.

a) Faith and Science are not the two wolves. 






They are not binary terms. Grey Matter is present. 






b) Doubt and Fear are not the two wolves.

Can’t you see somethings changed?

What a joke.

Fear is commonplace.

Desensitization is no longer an anomaly.

We are not impressed with the low budget grotesque attempt to generate appeal.

We hate you,

we are afraid of you.

But watching you suffer wasn’t good enough.

(are you holier then thou or too rich for my blood?)

Congratulations! your sacrifice is accepted, Submission is now complete!

Messenger 3.0 is no longer live. Please reformat and update file to continue.

No revision necessary.

No purchase necessary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance

This does not answer my question.

One of our operators will be with you. Please hold (current wait time 58 Minutes. You are 76th in line)

This does not answer my question.

Thank you for contacting us. Please rate our services from 1-10. (Ascending or Descending order of happiness. Choice is yours)

Heart palpitating

Palpitating Heart

One of our representatives will be with you shortly.

He overcame it. He overcame it. You don’t understand, he actually over came it. 

Who needs the devil when you’ve got the details.


Skin & Atmosphere

Mind the gap / Gap the Mind.  (Please answer true or false)






Again, are you holier then thou or too rich for my blood?

Victimized opportunity, or opportunistic victim. 

The wounds are too profound to lick. Amputation is necessary to save the patient‘s wolf’s life.

Grey Matter is present. God willing. (No/Vital Signs)

Update Coming Spring 2018.*

Time of Death / Still Breathing.**

c) How fortunate are we, the Human Spirit is not made of skin or bone.


Fitness Diary #3 Left-handed Triumph

I am currently on my #Unrelenting100 day journey back to a healthy, fit and happy lifestyle that started on July 31st 2017 and will be complete by November 7th 2017. My goal is to open up about my challenges (chronic illness, weight gain etc.) and hopefully inspire you to climb your own summits. I’m committed to this, grateful for you, and support and cheer you to champion across your own journey, as well as mine. From the Ground Up. Find Daily Updates on My Instagram: Nervebullet

Weekly Fitness Diary (Posted Every Sunday) Day 29-35

The shoulder pain did not let up. While warming up on the treadmill I decided to update my Instagram feed, being caught by juxtaposing emotions, the feeling of being pumped to train and frustrated by inability to let loose on the weights .Having a month under my belt surged me with a hybrid of confidence and adrenaline, yet I felt captive to my pain. I didn’t want to exasperate my injury, however I needed to get back to my routine. What am I able to do to appease this rightful balance?

Not wanting to lose momentum, I decided to do lifts that only require my left hand. For two days I carefully adjusted my muscle group workouts to accommodate this. Leaver Machines, Chest Flys, Tricep pulldowns, and the like were all done with my left side only. I know what you must be thinking. Muscle imbalance and what not right? Yes I agree, but a handful of exercises are not going to suddenly morph me into loop-sided deformity. I regained my sanity during those workouts and continued unleashing Cardio and Leg day sessions for the remainder of the week.

During this time, I did get my shoulder checked again, and will be taking my training towards a new direction, by working on my biomechanics to try and change the way my body works and attempt to take the load off my problem areas and balance my muscles out.

A lot of research, and a lot of sacrifice is going to be taking place. This needs to be a very calculated and dedicated move.

I don’t want to reveal all my cards just yet, but outside the gym, carb cycling has been amazing so far. After some adjustments here is how my upcoming week of carb cycling will look like.

Sunday – Low Carb Day

Monday – High Carb Day

Tuesday – Low Carb Day

Wednesday – Low Carb Day

Thursday – Low Carb Day

Friday – Medium Carb Day

Saturday – Low Carb Day

I will be carrying this out for at least the next two months, and get more aggressive with the carb cutting as my weight drops. Wish me luck!

As promised, this is a transparent display of my mental and physical state. I will openly discuss what worked and didn’t work for me. My hope is for you to use my experience as a springboard to experiment and adjust towards what will work for you (hey it might not even be fitness related). Fitness, Nutrition and Life is never one size fits all. Apply, Adapt and Attain.

Until Next Week…
From The Ground Up,
Thank YOU for reading this. I understand your time is precious and I respect that. I am grateful that you have taken the time to read my work. Please do reach out to me and engage in my content (leave a comment below, on any of my social media feeds or email). Let me cheer you on your personal journey. Let me know what content you would like to see from me. With Love.

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Fitness Diary #2 Cold Shoulder

I am currently on my #Unrelenting100 day journey back to a healthy, fit and happy lifestyle that started on July 31st 2017 and will be complete by November 7th 2017. My goal is to open up about my challenges (chronic illness, weight gain etc.) and hopefully inspire you to climb your own summits. I’m committed to this, grateful for you, and support and cheer you to champion across your own journey, as well as mine. From the Ground Up. Find Daily Updates on My Instagram: Nervebullet

Weekly Fitness Diary (Posted Every Sunday) Day 21-28


Sunday Chest, Triceps, Abs

Monday Legs & Shoulder

Tuesday Back & Biceps Cardio

Wednesday Active Rest

Thursday Chest Triceps, Abs Cardio

Friday Back & Biceps Legs

Saturday Active Rest

(Dang Mo whats with all the crossing out, you pulling a fast one on us or what?)*

*First off parenthesis/brackets Mo , why are you always hating on me?

(Dang man, way to call me out like that. Technically we are the same person, I’m doing it out of love. Toughening you up and what not. *under breath* wuss.)

Inner Monologue aside, its been a tumultuous week (kind of like brackets Mo (woah! did you just use a bracket to diss me at my own game)) #bracketception. Last weeks posting was a clear indicator that I finished the week strong, however I started to feel my shoulder nag over the weekend. The impenged feeling didn’t settle and I was cautious during Sunday’s workout. At that time I even opted out of doing my Inclince Dumbell Press and used the time to stretch out and let the Tricep workouts take the brunt of it.

Whilst waiting for the Xbox One X Preorders to go live during Gamescom I decided to get a massage to help alleviate the pain. Unfortunately I was under what seemed to be unqualified hands (Won’t be going there again!). I realized that the masseuse was not well versed, as they tried to pull my arm out of its socket!! I stopped him after I realized what he was attempting however it was too late. From the onset instead of pressing the knots in the back he went from the front using his elbow which caused my bursitis to flare up severely overnight. The burning sensation is still with me as I write this post almost a week later. I did seek medical attention, however chose medication and rest over getting a cortisone shot. It was very aggravating to keep away from weight training, as I was just getting into my groove but it didn’t stop me from getting my work outs in, by letting Cardio substitute the vacancies. Its funny how I expected my knees to be the first major flare up due to my condition but ended up with the shoulder throwing a tantrum first. I havn’t figured out what I’d do if both extremities protest at the same time!

I started to slowly reincorporate meal prepping to make sure that my nutrition amplifies my fitness results. If you follow my Instagram you will know I’ve had plenty of Chicken Breast, Rice and Tabouli! By keeping it simple I am able to ensure that its easy to prepare and eat (no need to reinvent the wheel).

I’m thinking of using a food tracking app (myfitnesspal) and carb cycling starting this week. Lets see what happens!

As promised, this is a transparent display of my mental and physical state. I will openly discuss what worked and didn’t work for me. My hope is for you to use my experience as a springboard to experiment and adjust towards what will work for you (hey it might not even be fitness related). Fitness, Nutrition and Life is never one size fits all. Apply, Adapt and Attain. 

Until Next Week…
From The Ground Up,

Thank YOU for reading this. I understand your time is precious and I respect that. I am grateful that you have taken the time to read my work. Please do reach out to me and engage in my content (leave a comment below, on any of my social media feeds or email). Let me cheer you on your personal journey. Let me know what content you would like to see from me. With Love.

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Fitness Diary #1 Escaping Shadows

I am currently on my #Unrelenting100 day journey back to a healthy, fit and happy lifestyle that started on July 31st 2017 and will be complete by November 7th 2017. My goal is to open up about my challenges (chronic illness, weight gain etc.) and hopefully inspire you to climb your own summits. I’m committed to this, grateful for you, and support and cheer you to champion across your own journey, as well as mine. From the Ground Up. Find Daily Updates on My Instagram: Nervebullet

Weekly Fitness Diary (Posted Every Sunday) Day 1-20

Since this is my first diary post. I will be covering the events of the last three weeks! I spent almost a year in the shadows, with nothing but a handful of cryptic images on my social media feeds. However Ill reserve the dramatic story driven writing for the weekly Thursday blog posts. (Tune in Thursday Kids! Epic Open Ended Touchy Feely Adventures, only on NERVEBULLET) *cuts to laundry detergent ad* ..

What? I could only afford a 30 second slot Advert!

Upon returning from my extremely unsuccessful medical travel in early July, the concoction of disappointment and jet lag were enough to render me athletically useless and mentally shattered. Still reeling from lab-rat like experimentations, I returned home feeling far worse then before my attempt to seek professional medical assistance. Nothing helped. Everything done to me made it worse.




OK, before I was rudely interrupted by myself, I spoke about returning with the feeling of despair. I was well on my way to losing weight in April (Safely lost 10kgs) and enjoyed my return to the gym. After doctors interfered with my progress, I suffered massive flare ups, some confining me to a wheelchair. My inability to train surfaced feelings that suggested my active career has come its end.

I remember forcing myself to at least visit the gym. Even if it was to walk for a few minutes and lift a 1KG dumb bell whilst sitting. I was conflicted with feelings of both being within and out of my element. On one end I was in my zone of comfort, and on the other I felt like a stranger to my own craft and tools.

I slowly worked myself towards a routine visit to the gym, adjusted my food and found that I had gained enough ground to muster the will power to achieve something I’ve been yearning for in years. My Goal : to return to the Mohammed I was back on July 2012, before all this mess. For the first time in five years. I felt like I could finally do so.

I knew the ground rules. I needed to elevate my heart rate to reach anaerobic state, however excessive knee bending and loading/off loading would flare up my symptoms. I was inspired by Jim Stoppani’s program Shortcut to Shred in which he recommends doing 1 minute cardio moves between each set. I knew I was unable to preform his workout routine (both weights and the recommended cardio routines) so I improvised.

Trials and tribulations has forced me to become more aware of what my body can and cannot do, and I was desperate to come out of this and see results. Eventually I stopped caring about what others around me might think (Oh 1 kg – wussy weights, Oh why is he throwing a medicine ball on the ground, man he’ll never get fit – Has-been.) – The gym after all is not immune to societal judgements (Thanks Obama).

I just put on my headphones and I got on with these tiny steps that I built for myself. Funny enough. This last Friday someone walked over to me and said – “Good on you smacking the ball, man!”. After informing them it was only 1kg, they responded “yes, but look at your* repetitions, you’re* sweating, what you are* doing is probably more important then the rest who just throw around the iron.” – Man that lit me up! 20 days into my workout and someone tells me that. I was on fire for the entire weekend leading up to today. Shame it was my rest day!

*Calm down Grammar Police, My Your/You’re game is strong Kay?

My workout routine took form based on one week of trial, and two weeks of execution and adjustments

So far…..

Sunday – Chest, Triceps, Flabby Abs.

Monday Shoulder, Legs.

Tuesday Back, Biceps.

Wednesday Active Rest

Thursday Chest, Triceps, Flabby Abs.

Friday Back, Biceps. ( Week 3 started Bonus: Legs)

Saturday Active Rest.

Trial Week 1 :  15 Reps / Active Cardio between every set (air punches, medicine ball smash, silent karaoke)

Week 2 : 15 Reps / Active Cardio between every set

Week 3 : Micro-cycle 1 (sun-tue 6-11 Reps)  Micro-cycle 2 (Thu-Fri 16-20 Reps) Active Cardio between sets on some days.  20 Minutes of Bonus Brisk Walk Cardio on some days.

I hope to discuss my nutrition plan, food intake and Week 4 workouts, next week. My goal is to tighten up my food schedule with time, and eventually add other exercises (swimming, biking etc.)

As promised, this is a transparent display of my mental and physical state. I will openly discuss what worked and didn’t work for me. My hope is for you to use my experience as a springboard to experiment and adjust towards what will work for you (hey it might not even be fitness related). Fitness, Nutrition and Life is never one size fits all. Apply, Adapt and Attain. 

Until Next Week…

From The Ground Up,


Thank YOU for reading this. I understand your time is precious and I respect that. I am grateful that you have taken the time to read my work. Please do reach out to me and engage in my content (leave a comment below, on any of my social media feeds or email). Let me cheer you on your personal journey. Let me know what content you would like to see from me. With Love.

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Unrelenting : My 100 Day Fitness Challenge

Today marks 100 days before the release of the coveted Xbox One X – the most powerful console in the world! I’ve always aspired to share my fitness lifestyle in a transparent manner, however I’ve struggled due to a plethora of medical issued that has plagued me over the past five years. I aim to document my battle with my chronic illnesses and regain my health conscious lifestyle.

I will document various aspects of my daily life on my Instagram (Workouts, Nutrition etc.). I also hope to post on my blog twice a week, once as a fitness diary summary and the other post being open to any topic that I am passionate about the moment (could be fitness, gaming, music or anything really).


The Ultimatum : On August 1st 2018 (My 31st Birthday) I will announce my return or retirement from semi-professional tennis. I will give myself one year to try to overcome my medical issues and return to the sport that means the world to me. At least I am confident enough to create a better quality of life for myself and loved ones, and hopefully inspire you to scale your personal summits.

I admit that I have struggled to be consistent with my blog posts. At this rate I’ve rebooted as many times as Spider-Man, maybe this time I can bring it home? (there he goes with his first pun). My entrepreneurial period between 2013 and 2016 was extremely demanding, alongside health flare ups that also affected me psychologically. In a rapidly paced world and ever-changing field my ailments made me feel obsolete and irrelevant as a fitness enthusiast and tennis player. This only amplified after spending the past two months in a medical labyrinth overseas, only worsening my conditions and causing crippling flare ups that resorted me bedridden and even requiring a wheelchair for certain periods.

I want to be very transparent in my journey, in hopes of gaining your trust and support, and also motivating you to face your own trials and tribulations.

I am also very honored to announce that I will be writing for the Xone Bros : Positive Gaming Community – a podcast very worthy of your time if you are casual or avid gamer. I have submitted two articles previously this year, however could not continue due to going dark during my medical examinations and (failed) treatments. I will link my two latest articles once they go live.

I would like to take this time to welcome all Xone Bros. readers to my blog, and thank you for taking the time to read and support my cause. You might be reading my blogs for the first time and I would like to extend the warmest of welcomes. To those of you that have been with me over the years, I thank you for hanging on with me and I hope to honor you and provide consistent content this time around.

I respect the preciousness of your time and hope for mutual engagements throughout the next 100 days and beyond!

My Fitness Diary will be posted on Sundays

The Open Article will be posted on Thursdays

I hope to evolve this blog with time involving improved design and sections to enable easier access to archived articles.

I would love for you to engage with my content, comment below or on any of my social media feeds to let me know about your own goals, or what you’d like me to discuss on my blog. You Inspire Me, and I would love to cheer you on your very own goals!

Here’s to the next 100 Days & Celebrating with the release of the Xbox One X!

With love & baked fries, 

Can’t Wipe the Smile off my Face! When the One X was first announced I was expecting something huge, maybe even as big as the original Xbox back from 2001, however I was surprised just how tiny this thing is especially with all the power inside! Can’t wait to push through the next 100 days and celebrate with Xbox One X!

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Life through the Gears: Baby T-rex and the Wife with 260 Gamerscore

Disclaimer: I appreciate video games as an art form, and admire the time and effort developers take to bring these experiences to life. Unfortunately gaming journalism today has taken an overcritical approach. Therefore I do not wish to incorporate any grading system in my blog and instead offer a ‘story driven’ review of the game experience and how it applies to me. Positive vibes all the way 🙂 

Gears of War 4

I’m trying to ignore the fact that the original Gears came out over a decade ago, but it didn’t stop me from sending a message to my best friend Semo who has moved to Canada since. It’s one of our earliest memories together. We will never forget the Blind Berserker attacking us based on the sound we made moving around the room. Semo still makes fun of me for what happened later that night. We gamed late enough that he decided to stay over and suddenly woke up from a picture frame slipping off the nail and crashing onto the attic floorboard. My reaction to what sounded like a sniper shot? Half asleep I got up, wrapped myself in my blanket and made a Breserker shriek sound and went back to sleep. Semo witnessed this and still calls me Baby T-rex sometimes.


Last year the original Gears of War was remastered for Xbox One, which is essentially the original game with revamped graphics. The latest iteration, Gears of War 4 is finally here and it isn’t just the fresh coat of paint that makes this game shine. Having played the new campaign mode I can’t commend The Coalition Games for the efforts they have put into making this experience one of the best. I tend to shy away from online reviews but it is safe to say that the game has scored highly across the critics, bar one whom I won’t mention. I can understand different points of view but to call this campaign lackluster is blatant click bait, unless they played a different game that I’m not aware of. This comes at the timely comments of Philip Spencer (Head of Xbox) regarding negative reviews used for click bait, which I absolutely agree with.


In a nutshell this game delivers on all fronts. It continues the Gears Saga in adequate fashion, introduces new, relevant and relatable characters, humorous script, insane environments, and creative weaponry and enemies.


Forza Horizon 3 isn’t the only new release flaunting its lifelike weather effects, Its apparent from the get-go with Gears 4 and its not merely there to look pretty. The environment plays an important role in the story. Turn your Air-Conditioner on high and you can almost feel the storm pass through your living room without the need of VR. Having a rad sound system helps but you get what I’m after.

I want to keep this post spoiler free so I will summarize my experience without hitting major plot points or discussing the surprises included in the campaign. The script is engaging and includes adequate humor to help you navigate through the grim situation. The game grabs you from start to finish and continues the story continues to pummel you through till the credits. I’m extremely satisfied and grateful for the experience, in fact the sound of gunfire, enemy shrieks and the Lancer Chainsaw are still ringing in my ear. Environment and color palettes are more pleasing to the eye. Lush environments break away from the previous generations Quake-esque shades of brown darkness. The introduction reminded me of one of my all time favorite games Enslaved (Xbox 360), and I love the unique approach taken with certain in game situations and introduction of awesome new enemies that interact in unique ways. I won’t give it away, but there are certain parts of the game where I know the developers could read our thought process and taunting us to do something we knew we shouldn’t do but are completely tempted to try. My hat tipped to you ‘Coalition Games’.

Initially I was a bummed out that the story mode would not allow 4 player co-op, as my Xbox inner circle had a blast completing the Halo 5 campaign together, however having gone through the story I understand why they decided to go with the 2 player approach.

I would have loved to play Gears of War 4 with my Semo however time could not permit so I looked to make new memories with my wife (round of applause she has 260 Gamerscore). My wife is a culinary genius, however when given a controller the crosshairs immediately post towards the sky. I should be careful with what I write as she is really good with knives. Maybe I should she would have faired better with the recently released ‘overcooked’ (No Crosshairs involved right?) but we play video games to get away from work right? (Thankfully we don’t work for COG.) Unfortunately my wife could only get past the prologue with me, although one of my proudest moments was seeing her use one of the series most prolific weapons the hammer of dawn, taking out one of the biggest enemies on the onset all by herself.

When Halo 5 was released last year, I enjoyed the epically scaled battlefields however there was a somewhat anti-climatic part of the campaign that was a bit underwhelming. Gears of War 4 might not be as scaled, however it was an extremely satisfying and tailor-fit experience. Although previous Gears characters are iconic they were firmly rooted in their Alpha male-esque. Trop. I guess it comes with the territory and story, however the new set of Gears characters are more relatable, likable and will honor the early Gear fans and welcome and attract new fans alike. Think Star Wars 7 with the new cast.

I can’t wait to experience the Horde Mode and Online Multiplayer Maps with friends, both providing greater value for money and continuing the Gears franchise. With regards to the campaign, I can safely say its one of my favorite gaming experiences so far.

Gears of War comes out tomorrow Tuesday 11th October 2016. I played the Ultimate Edition on Xbox One. Digital versions allow crossplay on your PC.