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  1. A.Rahman Albalooahi Avatar
    A.Rahman Albalooahi

    Alsalam 3alkum
    Hi , my name is A.Rahman , I’m18 years old from Bahrain , I was diagnosed with Coeliac (Gluten allergy) 4 years ago , I lost alot of my wight in the past years , I am now 1.75m high and my wight is somewhere between 50-55 KG , I just want to know is that normal?and can you hlep me gain some pounds in Ramadan?
    PLEASE can you help me?
    (My instagram @neverland_dude)

    1. Wa 3alaykoum Asalam!

      Very nice to meet you A.Rahman and thank you so much for reaching out to me. I have a few questions so I can help you further.
      1) How were you diagnosed with Gluten allergy?
      2) What was your previous weight? are you working out/cardio? and how is your eating like.
      3) have you contacted a nutritionist about this previously?
      4) are you taking vitamins?
      It is normal to lose weight because you cut out a lot of choices to eat from, however I think you are not eating the right way if you are losing too much.
      I need to know your eating habits and your training for me to be able to help you further.

      From my side I have gone gluten free for almost 2 weeks to test if I have an allergy and if it affects my energy in anyway. I’ll be writing a post about ‘Gluten Free’ in the coming week, however I want to personally help you. If you can answer the questions above, ill get a better understanding of your situation and we will take it from there.

      Im always more then happy to help bro 🙂

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