NERVEBULLET is a transparent view of the fitness lifestyle (Workouts,Nutrition,Motivation,Fully disclosed experiences)

The concept of fitness and healthy living has been saturated with a stream of self-portraits and plastic slogans, the essence of motivation has been hijacked and replaced with self-ego boosting and gimmicks. Instead of encouraging us to develop our well-being these images of ‘oh here is another angle of my six pack, and this time under the shower’, creates an even bigger gap between the reader and the perceived image of a fit person. As if the other psychological factors such as genetics and time were not enough to deter them away from their desired outcome.

Nervebullet is a lens of honesty within the fitness world. Having personally experienced anorexia, being overweight and career-threatening injuries and disabilities, I understand the various challenges that may keep you away from being a healthier version of yourself.

I was born prematurely (6 months) and struggled with my immune system till my late teenage years when I began working towards living healthier and stronger. Some of the symptoms affect me till today and will always do so. Deformed Bones, Stage 3 Condromalacia and extreme fatigue regardless of my current fitness level are enough to write you off being an athlete.

There are so many athletes and fitness enthusiasts out there that share amazing pictures, but very few are willing to show the other side of their success. I want to truly motivate you, and in order to do so I have to be honest about my experience in its entirety. So I share my physical,mental and emotional state on the court, at the gym and at the dinner table. Think of me as your fitness wife*

*please don’t.

Showing you my struggles does not imply that I am playing the victim, I just want to provide genuine support to others that are made to believe that there is a barrier between themselves and a healthier version. If you are reading this I don’t care what condition you are in but I BELIEVE IN YOU. 

I will be posting every Sunday & Wednesday on the blog, and daily on my instagram.

This blog is dedicated to YOU



PS: I’m funnier in my blog posts, but since this is the about me section I serious’d

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Before, After, In between and Beyond…

Before and After
Left: My brother Right: Me
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